BUSTER Film Festival for children and young people

This autumn, the David Collection will once again collaborate with the BUSTER Film Festival for children and young people.

The animated film “Persepolis” will be shown at the museum three times in the course of September and October. It tells the story of Marjane, who grows up in Iran under the Islamic Republic during the 1970s. It is not easy if you like to listen to ABBA, wear Nike shoes, and speak out against the authorities. When the clerical regime starts to take note of this independent girl, her parents decide to send Marjane to safety in Austria. But prejudice can also be found there. Marjane feels trapped between two cultures and homesick.

Before the film, Daniella Ssitou, the David Collection’s museum educator, will give visitors a fascinating introduction to the lively, narrative universe of Islamic miniatures, with examples from the museum’s unique collection of Persian paintings and drawings.